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By cultivating a caring community of neighbors helping neighbors, Benevilla is able to provide extensive social care and support services for older adults, adults with disabilities, children, and the families who care for them.

Benevilla provides adult day life enrichment programs for seniors at four centers located in Surprise, Sun City, and Peoria. We also have two life enrichment programs, located in Sun City and Peoria, that provide socialization and work education opportunities for intellectually and developmentally disabled adults. Benevilla is home to a family friendly, intergenerational learning environment through Wirtzie's Preschool and Child Care.

Benevilla also provides in-home help for seniors and homebound adults with the assistance of our volunteers who provide home delivered meals on wheels, grocery shopping, errands, transportation to vital appointments, and basic handyman services.

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Benevilla Caregiver Coach

Need stress relief? Try a support group!

Dear Caregiver Coach: Help! Sometimes I feel as if I want to jump out of my skin I feel so stressed as a caregiver taking care of my husband, who is quite a bit older than I am and who is in the middle stages of dementia, which may be Alzheimer’s, according to his primary […]

Clutter or Hoarding? How to Clear Clutter.

Dear Caregiver Coach: I have just moved here to help take care of my Dad. I was shocked to see how much “stuff” he had in his home. I want to make life easier for both of us, and I need to get rid of things! Can you direct me on what is the best […]

Medicare Doesn’t Pay for Non-Medical Care

Dear Caregiver Coach: My loved one has just come out of the hospital, and I think I might need extra help around the house with him. My insurance will not pay for non-medical home care.  What is the difference between non-medical and medical? — Confused at Home Dear Confused at Home: Thank you for your […]