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By cultivating a caring community of neighbors helping neighbors, Benevilla is able to provide extensive social care and support services for older adults, adults with disabilities, children, and the families who care for them.

Benevilla provides life enrichment programs and adult day care for seniors at four centers located in Surprise, Sun City, and Peoria. We also have two life enrichment programs, located in Sun City and Peoria, that provide socialization and work education opportunities for intellectually disabled adults. Benevilla is home to a family friendly, intergenerational learning environment through Wirtzie's Preschool and Child Care.

Benevilla also provides in-home help for seniors and homebound adults with the assistance of our 1000 volunteers who provide home delivered meals on wheels, grocery shopping, errands, transportation to vital appointments, and basic handyman services.

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Benevilla Caregiver Coach

Does my loved one have Parkinson’s?

Dear Caregiver Coach: My husband has tremors in his hands frequently and now shuffles when he walks; my friends say it is the beginning of Parkinson’s. What other conditions might mimic some of the Parkinson’s symptoms and how do I know what it is? ~ Perplexed Dear Perplexed: First, only a medical doctor or a […]

Searching for the Positive

Dear Caregiver Coach: I am tired of being like so many people who are complaining about the long journey they are on with their loved one who has a long-term illness like Alzheimer’s, MS, Parkinson’s, and more. I want to try to enjoy what small amounts of time I have with my loved one. Can […]

Lamenting the Loss of Friendships

Dear Caregiver Coach: My wife has advanced Parkinson’s and now has dementia along with that, too. I’ve noticed many of her friends and our friends have stopped coming by to visit, and we do not get invited out anymore. I am sad and angry about this. Is there anything I can do? ~Sad and Confused […]